About Us

Pro-Natura International was started in Brazil in 1985 and by 1992 had become one of the very first ‘Southern’ NGOs to be internationalised following the Rio Conference. For over 30 years, Pro-Natura has been working towards rural development, biodiversity protection, and climate change prevention in the Developing World.

The office of Pro-Natura International is located in the Paris region.


Guy F. Reinaud – President of Pro-Natura International
18 rue de la Vallée
78720 Dampierre-en-Yvelines

Tel. +33 (0)6 80 61 09 36
Email: guy.reinaud@pronatura.org

Ethical Charter

Advisory Board

Pr Ignacy Sachs Socio-Economist, School of Hight Studies of Social Sciences, Paris – President, France
Dr Marcelo C. de AndradeChair & Founder of the Pro-Natura Network
Mr Guy F. ReinaudPresident of the International Network Pro-Natura
Mr Jean-Michel BelorgeyCounsellor of State, France
Mr Alexandre de CarvalhoPresident of Sankhofa, Sénégal
Mr Brando Crespi Co-Founder of Pro-Natura in Brazil
Pr Jean Jouzel Vice-President of the IPCC
Chief William D. Knight
Akassa Clan, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Dr Thomas Lovejoy
United Nations Foundation
Ms Petra Bakewell-StoneAssociate Researcher

Pro-Natura in the World

Pro-Natura UK
29 Downside Crescent
London NW3 2AN
Email : guy.reinaud@pronatura.org
Tel : +33 6 80 61 09 36
Instituto Pro-Natura
Rua Ferreira de Almeida, 42 - Alto da Boa Vista
Rio de Janeiro RJ, Brazil
Email : mcadoc@gmail.com
Tel : +55 21 99883 8115
Pro-Natura USA
128 Montague Street
Brooklyn NY 11201
Email : brando@pronatura.org
Tel : +1 917 399 44 33
Email : celina@pronatura.org
Tel : +1 802 291 41 06
Pro-Natura Ghana
School of Agriculture
P. O. Box LG 68.
University of Ghana
Legon, Ghana
Email : wilfrid.pineau@wanadoo.fr
Tel : (233) 21 50 01 80
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