2005 World Petroleum Congress, Runner-Up,Small Company Social Responsibility Award

PNI Nigeria was Highly Commended for the Coastal Development Initiative, which includes the creation of Community Development Foundations, the establishment of the Institute for Sustainable Development and the ‘living university’ concept. In addition, Statoil was the Winner of the Large Company Social Excellence Award for its ongoing support for the Akassa model of community development: a community project based on substantial local participation.

2002 Altran Foundation, First Prize for Technical Innovation

Two billion people around the world use wood for household energy needs. This contributes significantly to the world’s deforestation activities as well as increasing the risk of droughts and desertification. In an attempt to reduce deforestation, Pro-Natura has developed Green-Charcoal. This technological innovation, using agricultural residues and unused biomass, produces an environmentally friendly and economically competitive alternative to wood and charcoal. It has been awarded the 1st Prize 2002 of the Altran Foundation for technological innovation.

1997 Mitchell International Prize

Pro-Natura International was awarded the 1997 Mitchell International Prize by the American Academy of Sciences, in recognition of its efforts to encourage private companies to get involved in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development benefiting communities in tropical forest zones.

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