Linking Poverty Alleviation with Environmental Preservation

For more than 30 years, Pro-Natura has been tackling the social, economic and environmental problems that face rural communities in the Developing World. The aim is to provide viable economic alternatives to those people struggling to make a living from imperilled environments.

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This is achieved by building local capacity and establishing participative governance, so that the preservation and restoration of natural resources can be linked to local economic success.

Delivering sustainability is a complex challenge and Pro-Natura’s strength lies in the network of in-house and third-party experts it can deploy to build the local capacity needed to implement integrated solutions. The network is backed up by an experienced executive management team and a world-class Advisory Board.

Our expertise

  • Community and local government development
  • Training programs to promote, facilitate and strengthen participatory community development
  • Sustainable farming, agroforestry & sustainable forestry techniques
  • Fighting against malnutrition
  • Fostering of small & medium sized enterprises and markets
  • Cross-border conservation area planning and implementation
  • Environmental, social and human impact assessment for investments
  • Exploration of forest canopies & biodiversity preservation
  • Biomass energy assessment and projects (green-charcoal)
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